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Created by Dmitry & Oleksii
Dmitry Belyaev
Amsterdam’s largest park is located mostly in Amstelveen and has a lot to offer. You’ll find a number of attractions in its vast area including the Bosbaan, a rowing course that has hosted the World Rowing Championship twice.
Amsterdam park

Focus on the product

  • RTL support
  • Theming engine
  • Dark mode
  • Translations support
  • Semantic colors
  • Typography
  • Unit design tokens
  • Iconography
  • Layout utilities
  • Responsive component properties
  • Components documentation
  • Theming documentation
  • Screenshot testing
  • Unit testing
  • Accessibility testing
  • Focus ring management
  • Focus trapping
  • Scoped theming
  • Server-side rendering
  • Optimised bundle size
  • Styling approach
  • Components composition
  • Components customisation
  • Release strategy
  • Figma components design
  • Figma auto-layout support
  • Figma variants
  • Typescript support
  • Cross-browser support
  • Framework integrations
  • Design and code alignment
  • Keyboard navigation
  • Screen-reader support
Dmitriy Kovalenko
Lead Software Engineer, ex-Material UI

Your brand is our default

Max Trusov
Lead Front-end Developer,

All-inclusive experience

Core components and tokens

Arcade ships more than 40 flexible components to help you save time on UI development. We use our 10+ years of design systems expertise to make component APIs simple yet powerful.

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It has not happened, if it’s not documented. We have a thorough technical documentation, best-practices and guidelines.


Everything you import from Arcade is written in Typescript. Your code editor will help before you even open the documentation.


Accessibility is not a buzz word for us, but a responsibility to provide equal opportunity for everyone. We test our components for all aspects of it, starting from color contrast ratios and up to the screen reader navigation.

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Theming CLI and dark mode

Arcade includes a NodeJS command-line interface to create custom themes using the same theming engine as we use internally. All themes support dark mode on the tokens level with no component styles customisation required.

Free updates

Arcade is a one-time purchase, with no recurring subscription. Purchasing it once will give you access to all future updates for free.

Kamlesh Chandnani
Principal Frontend Engineer, Razorpay
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React library
40+ components and utilities
Figma library
Components aligned with code, light & dark mode libraries
Theming engine
Scalable design tokens and CLI for creating custom themes
Thoroughly documented library and processes
Unlimited projects
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