Release Strategy

We're following semantic versioning in Arcade with a major.minor.patch format for version numbers.

  • Major releases contain new features with the changes affecting the way Arcade gets integrated into the product. Those can be changes in the components properties api, component naming or include visually breaking changes. In order to update to this version - you will need to make changes in your product, however we're providing migration guidelines for every major release.

  • Minor releases contain new features that are important, but doesn't contain any breaking changes. These releases can visually update your application, however they don't require any code refactoring to update the library.

  • Patch releases contain bug fixes and smaller changes. No product code changes is required to update the library.

In general, we expect to release major releases once per year after 1.0 is released.

Previous versions support

In order to keep our resources spent on the active development of new features and ensuring that their quality meets our users expectations, we're providing limited supported for the outdated major releases, while providing the guidelines for smoother migration to the latest major releases.

  • Latest major release: Active development and full support.

  • Previous major release: Critical bug fixes.