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Frequently asked questions
In Arcade we're aiming to keep the number of dependencies to the bare minimum. For development, our only runtime dependencies are React and ReactDOM. We get more into the detail of what we use and out general approach to the development in . In design, we ship our Arcade as a Figma library.

Arcade is built using the features from the latest stable releases of all major browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge. Arcade doesn't support Internet Explorer 11.

We're constantly working on adding new components, as well as improving our already implemented components. All these changes will be available to you for free.

We're planning to release more packages and tooling around the system sold separately, however all the related changes within the core library are considered to be free updates.

We care a lot about keeping your products migration to the new versions as seamless as possible. All regular releases we make are well tested and are built to be backwards compatible. We aim for one major release per year which may contain breaking changes and includes a clear migration guide.

We accept tickets from anyone, no matter if you have a license a not. We prioritize tickets created by our enterprise customers with faster response time and personalised approach to resolving issues as long as there is no conflict with the library direction.

Got any specific questions about enterprise support? Drop us an email.

Arcade already has a theming engine and we're actively working on exposing scripts and tooling for creating custom themes for your product. However, you can already create custom themes by editing the code manually. Check our  for more information.

You can use Arcade for commercial and non-commercial products, no matter if that's something you build for yourself or for a client. Arcade can be used for open-source projects.

You can't use Arcade for redistributing our components and assets as a different package. This includes design systems, component libraries or tools that are providing access to Arcade package assets without purchasing an Arcade license.

You can find more information about this in our license and setup examples.

If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, send us an email within 14 days and we will refund you in full.